Forgetting to Remember – Minerva Scientifica – Drop in workshop



Can you name ten female scientists?Newcastle University has teamed up with electric voice theatre to create a new Minerva Scientifica Pilot project“Forgetting to Remember” which brings together some of the Universities top female scientists with young women composers from a range of musical traditions to investigate, celebrate and create work reflecting the importance of so many women to a range of scientific disciplines.

On Wed 17th August the composers will be working at Eyemouth Hippodrome with singer Frances M Lynch and that’s where you come in!
We’d love you to come along and help us with some musical experiments– all based on ideas from environmental, biological, and social sciences. You don’t need to know anything about science or music, and you can be any age (children under 14(?) must be accompanied by an adult). Just come along and join in – you never know what you will learn and there will be some intriguing music and sounds to listen to…..
If you know about any important women scientists we’d love to hear all about her too!
We will be sharing our work with the public and schools at the Sage Gateshead on September 8th
The project is funded by the British Academy and led by a group of collaborators from Newcastle University Faculties of Medical Sciences; Humanities and Social Sciences; and Science, Agriculture and Engineering in partnership with electric voice theatre.


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