Cathal McConnell Trio

Cathal McConnell (flute, whistles, song)
Karen Marshalsay (Scottish harp)
Kathryn Nicoll (fiddle, viola)

County Fermanagh-born Cathal McConnell is a world-renowned musician and singer with “The Boys of the Lough”, a group of which he is a founder member over 45 years ago.
From his earliest day he has collected and shared songs of a diverse nature and continues to entertain and share his love of music and song, whether it be at the Carnegie Hall or amongst friends in a remote pub session in Ireland.

Karen Marshalsay uses fingernail technique on gut and wire-strung clarsachs (Scottish harps), bray harp and Paraguayan harp, specializing in the traditional music of Scotland and Latin America. Her playing has developed through the folk world of feisean, festivals, workshops and instruction from such leading players as Bill Taylor and Alison Kinnaird (Scottish) and Bill Morgan and Rito Pedersen (Latin American). Karen received a Distinction in her LTCL recital in 2010 – the first time this has been awarded to an all Scottish traditional repertoire!

Kathryn Nicoll is a leading fiddle player, teacher and a former winner of the Glenfiddich Fiddle Championships.

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