Andre Krengel and Roland Krause

Guitar duo André Krengel & Roland Krause combine a rousing mixture of different musical genres: with melodies and grooves from the worlds of jazz, swing, Flamenco, blues, pop & funk and Latin America, their compositions blend into a harmonious whole. With boisterous energy and passion they perform their repertoire, comprising their original compositions as well as surprising adaptations of many well-known pieces. At the same time the two virtuosos allow a great deal of room for spontaneous interaction and improvisation. Each piece in the repertoire tells its own story or has its own little anecdote, tracing the paths and adventures of these two travel enthusiasts.
The two met back in 1997 and together their travels took them through Europe and on to Miami, performing in festivals, jazz clubs and art galleries.
In 1999, after a sojourn in Florida, they went their separate ways:
André Krengel joined the American band “The Orphans” and toured the States, then moved to Barcelona, returning to become one of the most sought-after guitarists in Germany. Meanwhile his tours take him around the world – in 2015/2016 he played almost 100 international guitar night concerts in the US, Canada, UK, Poland, Germany, Italy and Austria. He received cultural awards and worked with world-class artists such as Carles Benavent, Domingo Patricio, Rod Stewart, Rafael Cortes, to name but a few. In 2016 André toured England, Scotland, Moldova and Bulgaria with Lulo Reinhardt and the André Krengel Quartett.
Having spent a while in sunny California, Roland Krause then went on to Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean and Spain. His travels also took him to Asia, where he spent many years performing in clubs, luxury hotels and resorts and undertook projects with musicians like Ber Ortoli (les Negresses Vertes) and various Mexican Mariachis and gypsy swing guitarists such as the Frenchman Jean Marc Sum.
Reunited since 2016, the two interact as a duo exuding their sheer joie de vivre, looking back on many common adventures and hungry for what their future holds in store.
Join them on their travels and allow yourself to fall under their spell!  

We are delighted that Andre Krengel and Roland Krause will play a concert at the Hippodrome in October.