Under the Surface: Coming to Eyemouth February 2018


We’re thrilled to announce that as part of the Going Dutch Project, the distinctive new Dutch band, Under the Surface will be passing through Eyemouth in February 2018.

Drummer Joost Lijbaart, possibly best remembered in the UK for his work in saxophonist Yuri Honing’s pop song exploring trio, has teamed up with singer Sanne Rambags and guitarist Bram Stadhouders to create something between meditative soundscapes and trippy trance music that’s all the more impressive for its spontaneity. At times Rambags sounded for all the world as if she was calling up the spirits of some undetermined European folk tradition and used the folky fricatives’ vocal percussion possibilities brilliantly to involve the listener and interact with Stadhouders’ yearning guitar and Lijbaart’s carefully chosen, atmosphere-enhancing drum beats and bell chimes.

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