Enterprise & Skills South of Scotland Economic Partnership

Event Phone: 01890 750099

  • 27th April 2018
    8:30 pm - 10:30 pm


Change is coming to the way local enterprise is supported and the way we enhance local skills in the south of Scotland. The Scottish Government has established a new body to deliver this change called the South of Scotland Economic Partnership(SoSEP). The new body is keen to hear views as to what the priorities for its work should be.

Stakeholder Events
Your opportunity to influence the south of Scotland’s economy 


This is an exciting time for the south of Scotland as there are more opportunities than perhaps ever before. It’s a time when our collective voice and indeed our individual voices are being heard in both Edinburgh and London.

There are at least three clear opportunities to consider and several strands to that work being undertaken.

  • The South of Scotland Economic Partnership
  • The new Enterprise Agency
  • The Borderlands Inclusive Growth Deal

What sort of future do we want for the south? What’s the best way to deliver that? This is your Enterprise Agency, you can help to design it; what powers should it have?

Only you can help us answer these questions. We want you to know what’s happening and why, but more importantly, we want to hear from you about how this work can best be developed to suit your needs. This is an opportunity to be ambitious and for your voice to be heard

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